What is Social Innovation? How can it change our reality?


We invite you to a day of discovery at the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum. Opening its doors in Italy for the first time, the forum is one of the most important events for the group. It is a unique opportunity that brings together leading industry names and Hitachi experts to explore the future of the industrial landscape of our country and to understand what Social Innovation is, its dynamics, and to find out how Hitachi is adapting it to Italian reality.

To open the event, the President & CEO of Hitachi, Ltd, Mr Toshiaki Higashihara, will make a welcome address. Following this, the most important national and international players in the field of innovation will update us on the latest news, reflecting on its meaning and the impact it plays on people’s lives. We will also present the latest research conducted by The European House – Ambrosetti.

In the afternoon, we will be pleased to guide you in discovering the most innovative IoT projects developed based on the value of “co-creation”, a key element of Social Innovation. We will show you how, thanks to our commitment to leveraging local resources, involving our partners in project development, we have been able to find new solutions to the challenges of society and generate new business opportunities.

We believe the Social Innovation Forum is an opportunity to:

• Think about the improvement that technical innovation is bringing to society, developing new solutions in the field of industry, infrastructure, transportation, healthcare and energy.

• Understand how advanced technologies can affect the development of smart cities, creating new, more dynamic business models.

• Evaluate together new technological solutions that allow you to achieve optimized management of your business, moving away from traditional processes.

• Discover how, thanks to a collaborative approach and the integration of IT and Operational Technologies, Hitachi is creating virtuous systems to drive companies, institutions, and urban centres to innovation.

Please confirm your presence in order to be able to participate in the event and to become a part of our 107-year story.